Welcome to Thunderpod Internship

Thunderpod is now accepting positions for its internship program.

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Who can apply?

Anyone who wants to experience working in a startup, and be a part of its growth team (Marketing & Operations) can apply. We believe that age should not define our learning curves and academic courses are secondary. If you’re keen on learning new things & wish to work with a cool startup, you can apply for this program.

Performance based Reward

Internship Certificate

Letter of appreciation

Linkedin recommendation

Intern hall of fame


Paid project/PPO

What will you do?

You will join us as a growth intern who will work directly with the Marketing & Operations team. You will be the representative of the Thunderpod brand in your social circle/community/college. You will primarily be responsible for:

  • Growing the Thunderpod community in your social circle

  • Developing and maintaining engagement with this community on social media.

Location and duration?

You could be anywhere; whether it’s beaches or it’s mountains, all you need is an internet connection! The duration of the internship is 2 months. (Starting from the date you receive a confirmation from the Thunderpod Team)

Selection Process?

Step 1: Apply for the internship

Step 2: Your profile will be reviewed by the Thunderpod Team.

Step 3: You will receive a call/email for confirmation/selection within 72 hours. If selected, your internship will start immediately.